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Due to the success of Ultra Racing products, unavoidably there are imitations floating in the market. The management found out that there are more than 10 such companies in the market imitating Ultra Racing bars, namely, CTech Tuners, UTR, ZEROxx, GAx, SKx, 3MAX, Kxx, SUMx, Jax Motorsport etc. These imitators besides using similar name or logo, had even copied our designs and colour – white!
Some of these unscrupulous merchants even copied Ultra Racing's product images from our website and pasted these images onto their own advertisement and webpage. Some have told their customers that their bad quality imitations are manufactured by Ultra Racing, mainly to deceive and thus gain the confidence of their customers. After all, their intention is to maximize profit from their bad quality and high risk products.
As such, we would like to inform the public that Ultra Racing has never OEM for any company in the country.
As an established company in chassis strengthening technology, Ultra Racing would not compromise safety in return for better profit, and as such consumers can rest assured that our products are of the highest of quality and will bring out the full performance, quality and reliability that you have paid for.
Furthermore, each genuine Ultra Racing product comes with 3 years unlimited mileage warranty. Buy genuine Ultra Racing products!


Below are few ways to identify if you have purchased genuine Ultra Racing products:


 Step 1 - Ultra Racing Sticker: Every genuine Ultra Racing product carries Ultra Racing Stickers as below.


 Step 2 - Ultra Racing Authorized Dealer: Insist on buying from Ultra Racing authorized dealer. Only an authorized dealer is eligible to handle warranty claims.

 Step 3 - Warrant Card: Every genuine Ultra Racing product carries a warranty card. By completing the warranty card and handing it back to us, you are entitle to unlimited mileage warranty.

 Ultra Racing bears no responsibility on the imitation product purchased. Beware of imitations!



Every single genuine Ultra Racing product comes with 3 Year warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects such as welding and deformation under normal usage conditions. Should there be any warranty claim under such category, we are more than happy to REPLACE a NEW one or product of a similar value.