Advantages of Safety Bars

Reduce Body Roll Can Improve Your Car Handling & Stability

Chassis Flex & Noise. Other issues that can occur will decrease the life-spam of your vehicle.


Defects From Rain Water

Weather is another top killer to vehicle’s chassis; rain water which
consists of acidic content would be damaging chassis component.


Aging Vehicles

Older vehicle chassis’ will start to crack and that’s where those unwanted rattles and other nosies come from.


Aftermarket Suspension

Improper suspension modification can lead to permanent damage
to the chassis and unwanted noise will appeared.


Vehicles With Modifications

Illegal modifications on engine swap will cause improper weight
allocation and brings damage to the chassis.


Tyre Friction

When a car turns, body roll causes excessive tyre-wear.


Suspension Forces

When a car turns into body roll, will affect life of the
suspension system.

How Ultra Racing safety bars can improve your handling

improving vehicle safety with UR