Beware Of Imitations

Whenever Ultra Racing brand build up more reputation, the imitations starting to show up in the market and the management found out that there are more than 10 such companies in the market which makes fake Ultra Racing parts..Some of the known imitators which uses very similar design and product colour to Ultra Racing had the following brand names: U**, 3M**, D*, Gred**….

Some other manufacture even tried to take part of the shares in the market by using the name “Ultra Racing” and explain to their customer that they also took part in part of manufacturing Ultra Racing strut bars. With such irresponsible attitudes, we’ve got numerous complaints from customers who claims that the advertisement and product description done by one of the imitators is very misleading and upset because they spent their money on counterfeit parts.

As a reminder to the public, Ultra Racing will never use any short form such as “UR” or “UR Racing” as in representing our product, we always use only “Ultra Racing”.

original ultra racing

Step 1 – To Identify Genuine ULTRA RACING Products,all bars come with Ultra Racing stickers and serial number. You can check the serial number through below this button our product authenticity verification tool.

Step 2 – Ultra Racing Authorized Dealer: Insist on buying from Ultra Racing authorized dealer. Only an authorized dealer is eligible to handle warranty claims. Contact us to identify if in doubt.


Ultra Racing warrants all its vehicle safety bar against defect in materials or workmanship for five (5) years and its parts (a) accessories and (b) brackets for three (3) months from date of purchase. During this period, Ultra Racing will replace defective safety bar and its parts with new one without charge excluding installation and shipping fees. 
Original official invoice must be presented and Ultra Racing serial number plate must be intact.

For custom made vehicle safety bar, warranty is valid for 6 months only.